How to Find Translation Jobs Online

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Translator sites are sites providing services just for translators, translating agencies, and others looking for translators. These sites give community support to you as a translator. You can get translation help with difficult phrases and you can find work through these sites as well. Here are two translator sites that are worth checking out.

These sites are worth joining even if you don’t find work through these sites as they provide you with valuable translation support, help, and services. The site does offer a paid subscription to access special parts of the site.

Some translators work for several different companies and/or individuals. These translators work as independent contractors or freelancers. They are essentially running their own translation business. As freelancers and independent contractors, they can open up accounts on freelance sites such as and look for translation jobs there. I just recently searched for translation jobs and I personally found quite a few. Here are some other freelance sites that are worth checking out.

The key to success with these freelance sites is to create a good profile that highlights your experience. One thing that can be a negative with these freelance sites is that you are bidding against other translators. If someone else offers the same service at a lower cost, it means that you may not get the job.

Last, but not least, there are the job boards. These are sites that post jobs in general. Many of these job sites also have translation job postings. Some of these translation jobs can even be full-time with just one company. Here are some job board sites that I’ve found translation jobs on:

With these job board sites, you look for available jobs and you apply for them just like any other job.

When you are applying or bidding on translation jobs, be as professional as possible. When you do receive a job, make sure you finish it by the given deadline. When working online as a translator, most times you will be translating text material. When translating text material, you need to read accurately so you can write the translation accurately using correct grammar and spelling.

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