Make A Career Path In Data Science

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The job of a data scientist is no doubt, held in high esteem. Being considered the sexiest job of the coming age, the role of a data scientist is to unravel the unique demographics and insights for taking better decisions when it comes to a business organization. They try to interpret the patterns and associations present in the data. Business organizations and companies know the importance of analyzing the data for better decision making in the running of their business.

The path of their career is unceasing as an endless amount of data is generated online every day, it is safer to assume that this data will continue to grow further.

Why should one go for the career of Data scientist?

Scarcity in the number of Data Scientists: Recent studies have proven that by the next few years, the world will suffer from a shortage in the number of data scientists skilled in the sector by a large figure. It is estimated to be a shortage of 190,000 in the United States alone. The demand is profound and grave. However, one can say that the supply is meager and the demand is enormous.

There is Big Money in the Job: The job of a Data Scientist is undoubtedly the highest and extravagantly paying job out there in the industry. The average salary paid exceeds the amount of $62,000. In the nation of India, they are paid up to 19 lakhs by the year.

Massive Job Opportunities: The job isn’t just limited to a particular industry. It is widespread since data is generated everywhere around. Therefore, there is a need for them in various industries, they are inclusive of the banking sector, information technology, healthcare / medical, manufacturing, etc. without regard to the domain of one’s work or location, data science leaves no stone unturned to make its mark everywhere.

Management of Data is a real challenge for organizations: There has been a rise in the generation of data creation of electronic content, and data logs over the couple of decades. This means that, each of the companies in the industry has heaps of data waiting to be analyzed, interpreted and brought into use for coming up with better decisions for the business. However, without the proper knowledge the companies cannot carry out this process. Therefore, there is requirement of professionals skilled in this sector, thus leading to a huge demand.

Sexiest Job Of The Century: Along with the cool tag one gets labeled with for being a data scientist, one gets to work with the market giants amongst the likes of Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, etc. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that it has been marked as ‘The sexiest Job of The Current Century.’ Having skills in their respective domain will get one a lot of advantages in the field of Data Science. As a data scientist, one can up skill their skills in analytics, this will help them make their way in their career as a data scientist.


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